The Yucky Mart is the main location of The Grossery Gang. It is the backdrop of the webseries as well.


The exterior of the Yucky Mart is a gross convenience store. It has sliding doors, with posters of various items sold. The sign of the location is made of a green, striped slushie cup, with the store's name on it.

The interior of the store is much more revolting than the exterior. It contains various spoiled foods, leaks of toxic materials, rats and cockroaches living in the store, and almost everything is either moldy or slime-covered. It is through these environments that the Grosseries were able to come to life.


  • According to A Gooey-full Mind (Part 1), the store has an F rating from the health department.
  • playset from Series 1 is based on this location.
  • According to Egghead, it is the Grosseries' "yummy, smelly, gooey, hairy house of moldy fun".
  • The store is located in Cheap Town, in the center of the town.
  • The location has been around for a long while, long enough for Stinky to be a young man during the time.
  • The store has over 539 health code violations. Some of them include a faulty air conditioner, Cockroaches using the hot buffet as both a playground and funeral parlor, and a toxic leak that mutates food into living creatures.


Cheap Town / Yucky Mart

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