Were you looking for Washout?

Wash Out is an Exclusive Clean Team Grossery from the Clean Team Street Sweeper playset.




Wash Out is an evil washing machine. He is striped grey with red details. His eyes are in an angry position with clenched teeth.


  • Wash Out is similar to Sudz, a Trashie from Series 2 of Trash Pack. He also resembles Washa, a Season 3 Shopkin.
  • His name is similar to Washout's, only unparsed.


Series 1
Rotten Raspberry / Grimey Lime / Shiverin' Spider / Frost Bit Wasp / Frosty Fly / Cold Cockroach / Mushy Slushy / Horrid Hot Dog
Series 2
Smelly Onion / Horrid Hot Dog
Series 3
Crapple Core / Trash Block / Wash Out / Grot Sock / Blow Fly / Trash Head / Vac Attack
Hairy Hare
Clean Team
Series 3
Washout / Mop Top / Clean Screen / Bin It / Filth Buster / Wipe Over / Bad Bleacher / Disinfector / Dust-Up / Scrubber / Polish Off / Dirt Bot
Vac Attack / Wash Out

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