Trashlight is a special edition Glowin' Gadgets Grossery from Series 2.




Trashlight is a damaged flashlight. His light is cracked, and covered with muck on the corners. He has inwards-facing crossed eyes with red veins, and a lopsided, open mouthed grin, with visible chipped buck teeth.


  • Trashlight is similar to Trashy Torch, a Trashie from Series 3 of the Trash Pack.
  • His lime catalog art on the website is accidentally listed as Trashed Tablet.
  • His catalog art and figure have buck teeth, which his static art lacks.



Glowin' Gadgets
Series 2
Shocking Light Bulb / Flat Battery / Sucky Speakers / Leaky Car Battery / MP Flea Player / Goo S.B. Stick / Filthy Fan / Smell Phone / Junk Jumper Lead / Trashed Tablet / Lame Laptop / Trashlight

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