Trashapillar is a common Trash Alley Grossery from Series 3.




Trashapillar is a grimy, legless caterpillar. He has thick lips, which are somewhat sealed together with slime, which is also dribbling out of his mouth. He has various leaves stuck to his body. His eyes are half-lidded and facing in different directions.


  • Trashapillar is one of the original Trashies from Series 1 of Trash Pack, originally named Trash-A-Pillar. He appeared on the logo of the Trash Pack. He was red instead of orange in Series 1 of Trash Pack.
  • He is the first Grossery listed in Series 3.




Trash Alley
Series 3
Trashapillar / Slimy Peel / Barf Bag / Sloppy Pizza Box / Gooey Shoe / Garbage Mouth

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