Welcome to the The Grossery Gang Wikia

Hi and welcome to the Grossery Gang Wiki - the Wiki all about the new and gross playground craze that started in June 2016. Here you will be able to learn about your favorite characters and keep in contact with other GG fans. There will also be a range of different fun activities to help keep everyone interested. Together, hopefully we'll be able to keep this gross dream alive. This is a spinoff of The Trash Pack!

What's The Grossery Gang?!

Welcome to the world of The Grossery Gang, from the same universe as the Trash Pack. The Grossery Gang is all about the moldy food items you may find in and around your fridge and features a multitude of tiny moldy food based characters, with over 150 for you to collect. Delve into the grossness as you explore the world of The Grossery Gang.

Friends of the Wiki


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