The Grossery Gang Emoji Keyboard is an app for iOS devices. It is an emoji sticker series of The Grossery Gang characters. It costs $0.99 USD.


The Sloppiest, smelliest, downright disgusting Emoji's in the app store!

Textin' just got even more Rottin' with The Grossery Gang's Grossemoji!

Freaking out your pals has never been easier. This One Slop Shop holds the power of The Grossery Gang's mouldy world of grossness in the palm of your hand.

Open the app and you will find Maggots, Splats, Goop and Stinky Gunk - not to mention some of your favourite putrid characters from the Yucky Mart!

Dive into the slimiest emoji app ever made, to collect the creepiest, craziest critters your mind can conjure up.


  • The game was set up before its official release date, as such, the official download for it was unavailable with its announcement. This also included a preliminary logo with Knot Nice Pretzel as the image.
  • A link for this app's purchase is available in the iOS version of The Grossery Game. It is also erroneously advertised in the Android version of the game, though the link is unclickable.
  • In late February 2017, the game was removed from the Apple Store for unknown reasons. It was later returned to the store on March 1st 2017 with a new update.
  • The animated emojis use the same models from The Grossery Game.
  • It is currently the only app to be released for only one device type, and to have a price.




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