The Grossery Game is an AR app game for The Grossery Gang on iOS and Android devices.



Slip and slide your way into the cool, grossed-out world of festering-fun, inside the doors of the Yucky Mart – where your shoppins’ gone rotten!

This all new Grossery Gang App, puts the Yucky Mart’s world of grossness right at your fingertips as you explore the fungus covered floor and vile aisles of the ultimate ‘inconvenience store.’

Inside you’ll find more than your favourite gang of gruesome grosseries, you’ll find a world of cool arcade games, mazes, AR… and the best part is you’re in control of the whole cruddy crew – Doc Broc, Egghead, Sparkles and of course our boys Rocky Donut & Pizza face [sic].

With cool new games including – Maggot Mash Cruddy Crunch AR Sludgie Slurp Mucky Maze & Goo Shoot

Plus, there’s always more cool new games being added! But just like the mountainous, mouldy muck, the fun keeps growing! There are over 150 of your favourite Grossery Gang characters for rotten kids to save and share!

Who said you can’t play with your food?

So, come on it’s time to get your sticky fingers on the best, new, free game app around for children of all ages!


Smelly Stash

This section of the app contains all the Grosseries collected by the milk crates throughout the game, allowing the player to view them and rotate them.

Trash Box

This section of the app lets the player take a screenshot using the Grosseries collected from the milk crates. It also uses various backgrounds and effects.

Mucky Maze

This game uses the tilt function of the device. The player controls Egghead on a lunch tray-created maze by tilting the device. Coins are scattered through the level, and the player must collect them, with gold coins being worth more.

Moldy Memory

This game was released during the 1.0.7 patch of the game. It is a memory game, where the player taps on the crates given to them to match the characters. There are three strikes per level, with the first level having four crates, the second having six, and the third having eight.

Goo Shot

The player takes control of Gooey Chewie, who is stretched out like a catapult, to fling stones at bubbles escaping from a slimy mop bucket and pop them. Green bubbles are worth one point, yellow are worth three points, and black bubbles pop any bubbles near it if popped.

Sludgie Slurp

The player takes control of Sparkles, Pizza Face, and Doc Broc in this game. Each character is lined up under a slushie flavor, which drips down slushie drips at various times. The player must tap the character once a drop is lined up under them, so they can grab the drop.

Maggot Mash

The player has to squish maggots crawling on a microwave door in the allotted time slot. Squishing enough maggots boots the microwave button, which lets out a zap that can zap the maggots instead. Leaving maggots alone for too long causes them to turn into flies, which are much faster.

Cruddy Crunch

This game uses the AR function of the device. Aiming the device at a special printed-out sheet, or by using the label of boxes or large packs allows the Grosseries to be placed in the real world, while the player hits at them in Whack-a-Mole style.

Media Mulcher

This feature allows the player to watch a few videos from the official Grossery Gang Youtube channel.

Gang HQ

This feature has the credits option of the game. In the iOS version of the game, The Grossery Gang Emoji Keyboard is purchasable here as well.

Cheap Town

Added with the 1.09 update, this takes the player to the streets of Cheap Town. The Yucky Mart can be accessed here, along with the Gang HQ and Smelly Stash (here titled Souvenirs). An addition is a version of the Grossery Gang List app, which contains an updated list compared to the app. The Sticky Cinema update has exclusive videos that are only available here, not on the franchise's Youtube website.


  • Despite the game being free, extra purchases are available in-game.
  • Although the game uses basis from the webseries, the characters call themselves by their toy names.
  • The website for the game originally gave empty links to the Google Play version of the game, as it was not released at the same time as the announcement.
  • Despite not being available on the device, the Android version still advertises The Grossery Gang Emoji Keyboard.
  • Sticky Soda retains her eyelashes in her collectable model, while Gooey Smooch is missing hers.
  • Series 2 was partially added to the game in April 2017, with the rest released in May 2017.
  • In the Moldy Memory game, the webseries characters use their limbed animated models instead of the static images the other characters use.

Purchase Prices

  • 2 Surprise Crates - $0.99 USD
  • 2 Ultra Rare, 3 Surprise Crates - $3.49 USD
  • 1 Limited Edition, 7 Surprise Crates - $9.99 USD
  • Double Caps Forever - $7.49 USD




External Links

Grossery Gang List / The Grossery Gang Emoji Keyboard / The Grossery Game

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