Sweaty Sports Drink is a common Scummy Sodas Grossery from Series 2.




The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

Need an energy boost? You'd better choose any drink but him!

Likes: Exhaustion

Dislikes: Water

May Contain Traces Of: Tears, sugar, and sweat!

Rarity: Common


Sweaty Sports Drink is a tired bottle of Gatorade, with droopy eyes and several worms in his mouth. He is wearing a sports headband and is panting, as if he had been exercising. On the top of him, he has drops of sweat, with juice leaking from his cap.


  • Unlike his static art, Sweaty Sports Drink's headband and worms are depicted as one single color throughout in his figure and catalog art.



Scummy Sodas
Series 1
Sticky Soda / Leaky Juice / Flat Fizz
Series 2
Mucus Juice Box / Buzzed Energy Drink / Oozy Orange Juice / Sweaty Sports Drink / Stinky Fink Ice Tea

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