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The Surprise Pack contains two surprise Grosseries in a chocolate bar-shaped package. The chocolate bar container comes in either one of two colors, and can also be used for storage.


  • The Series 1 version of the pack has the same name as an actual Grossery, who appeared on the wrapper.
  • The design of the Series 2 version pack is a parody of Twix bars.
  • The Series 3 version switches to garbage cans, similar to The Trash Pack.
  • The Surprise Eggs are similar to these packs.
  • Variations of the packages exist with a longer section made to hang on store pegs instead of sold in-box.
  • On the front of the Series 2 pack it says "Best before 1985", a reference to when Moose Toys was founded.


Single Pack / Surprise Pack / Regular Pack / Large Pack / Super Size Pack / Mega Pack / Surprise Eggs

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