The Super Size Pack, also referred to as the King Pack, is a pack that includes sixteen Grosseries and is packaged in a boxed container.


  • You can get three of the rare Grosseries, as well as one ultra rare Grossery in a Series 1 Super Size Pack.
  • You can get two of the rare Grosseries, as well as one ultra rare Grossery in a Series 2 and 3 Super Size Pack.
  • This package is unable to contain any limited edition Grosseries nor special edition Grosseries.
  • The Series 1 version features six exclusive color changing Grosseries, which are Grosseries that gain colored splotches when chilled. The Series 2 version comes with exclusive frozen stiff Grosseries, which are translucent solid plastic with a frosty finish. The Series 3 version comes with trash stained Grosseries, which are solid Grosseries with a dark wash.
  • The Series 1 package comes with a larger amount of exclusive Grosseries than the Series 2 and Series 3 ones, having six exclusives over only two.


Single Pack / Surprise Pack / Regular Pack / Large Pack / Super Size Pack / Mega Pack / Surprise Eggs / Surprise Ornaments

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