Stinky Mint is a special edition Sticky Sweets Grossery from Series 1.



From the Sticky Sweets team, it's the mint with a smell that'll make you unwell!


The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's the mint with a smell that'll make you unwell!

Likes: Halitosis

Dislikes: Fresh breath

May Contain Traces Of: Garlic, onion, and furry tongue!

Rarity: Special edition


Stinky Mint is a slimy and dirty breath mint with crack marks on his face. He has half open eyes and he has his circular mouth wide open, letting off his stinky breath.

Collector Card

Stinky Mint's collector card is Card 69 in the series. His card is a sticker card. He is seen laughing with his mouth wide open, with a fog of stinky breath coming out of it, while a fly near him plugs its nose. He has the tagline of "Stinky Mint" on the bottom.


  • Stinky Mint's static art portrays him with a piece of lettuce stuck between his teeth.
  • His static art portrays his teeth as white, while they are yellowed on his figure and catalog art.
  • His static art portrays him as green, a color that he does not come in for his figure.
  • In The Grossery Game, his model is portrayed as round, rather than disc-shaped. He is also referred to as Sticky Mint by mistake.
  • Due to needing a base to balance him, his figure is not a perfect circle, like his static art represents him as. This change is also visible in his catalog artwork.




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