Stink Sink is a common Barf-Room Supplies Grossery from Series 3.




Stink Sink is an overflowing sink. He is covered with flies on his sides. He has thick lips in a frown, as his mouth drips the same bubbling water that fills him. His tap is visible from the water. A chipped dish is in his water.


  • Stink Sink is similar to, and shares a name with, Stink Sink, an exclusive Trashie from Trash Pack.


Barf-Room Supplies
Series 1
Grotty Soap / Shampoop / Rough Toilet Paper / Rotting Toothpaste / Spotty Zit Cream / Leaky Sunscreen / Snot Good Tissues
Series 2
Sewer Glove / Shonky Shaving Brush / Bald Hair Brush / Splodgy Spray Can / Scummy Sponge / Mucus Mouth Wash / Icky Eyedrops / Stinky Aftershave
Series 3
Stink Sink / Pukey Plunger / Mucky Duck / Snotty Tap / Toxic Toilet / Grubby Scrubby

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