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The Sticky Sweets are one of the categories of Grosseries from The Grossery Gang. These special edition Grosseries are sticky and transparent. They are based on candies such as chocolates and lollipops.


Series 1


  • The Series 1 Mega Pack set gives classic finishes to various Grosseries of this category.
  • It took until Wave 2 of Series 1 for the purple and blue variants of the characters to appear.
  • Only certain parts of these Grosseries have the sticky transparent finish, with the others being the classic solid rubber.

Series 1
Awful Sauces / Badly Frozen / Barf-Room Supplies / Gross Greasies / Half Baked Bakery / Moldy Veg / Scummy Sodas / Sour Dairy / Sticky Sweets / Stinky Snacks / Trashed Cans
Series 2
Gooey Breakfasts / Sour Dairy / Barf-Room Supplies / Gross Greasies / Untasty Treats / Fungus Fruits / Awful Sauces / Scummy Sodas / Glowin' Gadgets / Cruddy Lost 'N' Found
Sticky Sweets
Series 1
Chewed Candy / Mucky Buttercup / Gooey Smooch / Stinky Mint / Faulty Malty / Skummy Bear / Gooey Chewie / Lolli-slop / Smelly Bean / Lame Licorice / Heartless Candy / Crusty Chocolate Bar

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