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Squished Banana is a common Fungus Fruits Grossery from Series 2.





With a heart as mushy as his body, Squished Banana can be a hopeless romantic but often finds himself in over his rotting head!


Squished Banana is a slimy, partly peeled banana. He has slime dripping from the top, and he has a toothy overbite.


  • Squished Banana is similar to Wasted Banana, an exclusive Trashie from Series 1 of the Trash Pack. He is also similar to Buncho Bananas, a Season 6 Shopkin.
  • In the webseries, he has the name Ricardo. He is given a mustache in the show.
  • He can be considered the leader of the Series 2 Grosseries, taking a role similar to Putrid Pizza.
  • For a while, his aqua variant's catalog art was accidentally replaced by his yellow one's art.
  • His static art has a bite mark out of his banana, which his catalog art and figure lack.
  • His peel acts like clothing to him, and he is considered naked without it. He has visible pecs without his peel as well, despite being non-mammalian.
  • His figure and catalog art lack the brown spots on his peel that his static art and webseries art has.







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