Splodgy Spray Can is a common Barf-Room Supplies Grossery from Series 2.




The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

His spray is all gloopy to make you smell poopy!

Likes: Bathrooms

Dislikes: Air freshener

May Contain Traces Of: Metal, gas, and cockroaches!

Rarity: Common


Splodgy Spray Can is a crumpled, banged up aerosol can. He is leaking his contents from his sprayer and bottom, along with some of it dripping from his mouth. A single tooth sticks out from his mouth as well.


  • Splodgy Spray Can is similar to Stink Spray, a Trashie from Series 5 of the Trash Pack.
  • Despite his artwork, he does not come in a yellow variant.



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