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Sour Pineapple is an ultra rare Moldy Veg Grossery from Series 1.


From the Moldy Veg team, it's super sour and covered in spikes. Ask yourself... "What's to like?"



Sour Pineapple is a moldy, gone-off pineapple with crossed eyes and a large, open-mouthed smile.

Collector Card

Sour Pineapple's collector card is Card 33 in the series. She is wearing a hula skirt and lei, while a majority of her body is sliced into pineapple rings stacked on top of each other with juice leaking off of them. She has the tagline of "Hula Hoops!" on the bottom.

Card 89 is a Touch 'N' Feel card with the same image. She also appears in the first puzzle with the same image.


  • Sour Pineapple is similar to Slimeapple, a Trashie from Series 4 of the Trash Pack. She is also similar to Pineapple Crush, a Season 1 Shopkin.
  • She is one of two pineapple-based Grosseries from Series 1, the other being Tinned Slimeapple.
  • She was confirmed female in The Grossery Gang: Collector Cards, where she was given eyelashes.
  • Her static art portrays her covered with slime, which her figures and catalog art lack.
  • She is portrayed as much smaller than usual in her model on The Grossery Game.




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