Soggy Teabag is a rare Gooey Breakfasts Grossery from Series 2.




Soggy Teabag is a wrinkly, sopping wet teabag. He is stained with tea stains on his body, while his tag and bag are leaking slimy tea. He has a wrinkly mouth and has inwards-facing eyes.


  • Soggy Teabag resembles a scrapped tea bag Trashie that was meant to appear in Series 4 of The Trash Pack. He also resembles Lee Tea, a Limited Edition Shopkin from Season 2 of Shopkins and  Herb L. Teabag, a Shopkin from Season 6 of Shopkins.
  • He is the first tea-based Grossery from Series 2, the second being Stinky Fink Ice Tea.
  • The figure that most resembles his static art is a slightly darker shade of brown.



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