Smelly Onion is an Exclusive Grossery from the Horrid Hot Dog Machine playset.


Smelly Onion is a crying half slice of red onion. He has crossed eyes with tears coming out of them.


  • Smelly Onion is similar to, and shares a name with Smelly Onion, a Trashie from Series 3 of the Trash Pack.
  • He is the second onion Grossery, after Onion Scum.
  • He is depicted with white eyes in his static art, while his figure depicts him with yellow eyes.
  • He and Cruddy Cream appear on the bottom right corner of the Series 2 large packs.
  • His static art portrays him as red, while his figure and catalog art have him as purple.



Series 1
Rotten Raspberry / Grimey Lime / Shiverin' Spider / Frost Bit Wasp / Frosty Fly / Cold Cockroach / Mushy Slushy / Horrid Hot Dog
Series 2
Smelly Onion / Horrid Hot Dog
Series 3
Crapple Core / Trash Block / Wash Out / Grot Sock / Blow Fly / Trash Head / Vac Attack
Hairy Hare

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