Sloppy Soup Tin is a limited edition Trashed Cans Grossery from Series 1.




Sloppy Soup Tin is a red and white labelled can of soup with oil stains. He has inwards crossing eyes, and is dribbling out soup from his mouth. On his label is a bowl of chunky soup and his name.

Collector Card

Sloppy Soup Tin's collector card is Card 117 in the series. His card is holographic. He has a crazed expression on his face and his holding a spoon and can opener, the latter which he is using to open himself, with his lid popping off and part of his can being spiraled off, leaking his contents. He has the tagline of "Sloppy Soup Tin: Last Seen In Trash Cans" on the bottom.

He also appears in the second puzzle with the same image.


  • Sloppy Soup Tin is similar to Alpha Soup, a Season One Shopkin
  • His design is a parody of Campbell Soup cans.
  • His catalog art depicts the phrase "Chunkies" in a white cursive font instead of his name.
  • There are only 500 of him released worldwide.




Trashed Cans
Series 1
Bad Beef Can / Slimy Sardines / Cruddy Cat Food / Sloppy Soup Tin / Tinned Slimeapple / Faked Beanz

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