Slopkins pic

Slopkins are an in-universe toy line in the webseries' universe.


Slopkins appear to be slimy and mutated small rubber creatures. Some characters include:

  • An apple with mismatched limbs.
  • A tall purple bottle-like creature.
  • A Cyclops garbage bag.
  • A floating glowing mound.
  • A red octopus.
  • An orange blob with three eyes.


  • They are a parody of Shopkins, another toy brand by Moose Toys, which has crossed over with The Grossery Gang franchise before.
  • Their tagline is "Once you slop, you can't stop!", a parody of the Shopkins tagline of "Once you shop, you can't stop!".
  • They are seen in the Grossery Gang Cartoon Christmas, reviewed by PukieHurlC on her web series.


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