Slobstopper is a a rare Untasty Treats Grossery from Series 2.




The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He'll shut you up with his maggots and slime!

Likes: Teeth

Dislikes: Water

May Contain Traces Of: Fungus, sweat, and gunk!

Rarity: Rare


Slobstopper is a drooly gobstopper candy. His coating is cracked and slimy, with maggots crawling on him. He has half-closed eyes, with puffed-out cheeks, and is drooling slime from his stuck out tongue.


  • Despite his static art, Slobstopper does not come in a blue variant.
  • His model in The Grossery Game lacks the melted bottom that his figure and static art has.
  • In The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide, he is listed as a Sticky Sweets Grossery on the page listings, but keeps his standard listing on the Rotten Receipt in the back.




Untasty Treats
Series 2
Yuck Éclair / Ginger Dread Man / Sloppy Toffee Apple / Scary Floss / Car-Rot Cake / Slobstopper / Barf Brownie / Mushmellow Crispy

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