Shoccoli is an ultra rare Moldy Veg Grossery from Series 1.



From the Moldy Veg team, it's green but snot fresh!


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He may have a wilted head and an offensive smell, but Doc Brocc still fancies himself the brains of of the gang - and considering the other members, who are we to argue? Constantly tinkering on new insane inventions using stuff he scavenges from the store, Doc never fails to whip up miracles of mad science just as all hope seems lost - or zap himself silly when he flicks the switch!


Shoccoli is a head of broccoli with mold growing on top of him. He has a buck booth hanging from the left side of his mouth.

Collector Card

Shoccoli's collector card is Card 56 in the series. His card is a sticker card. He is in a boxing ring, wearing boxing shorts and gloves, while he gets beaten up by another boxer as his mouth guard spits out of his mouth. He has the tagline of "Shoccoli" on the bottom.


  • Shoccoli shares a similar name and concept with Shockoli, a Trashie from Series 3 of the Trash Pack. He also resembles Bethany Broccoli, a Season 6 Shopkin.
  • In the Grossery Gang web series, he is given the name Doc Broc, sometimes misspelled as Doc Brocc. He is voiced by Laila Berzins.
  • He is the only member of the main five Series 1 characters of the webseries to not be a common Grossery.
  • Despite being considered the smartest of the main team, he is still pretty dim-witted in general.
  • He is the only Moldy Veg Grossery without a Touch 'N' Feel collector card. As such, he is also missing from the puzzle.
  • The prototype cartoon revealed that he was meant to be on the Series 1 Large Pack, but was replaced by Rot Hot Chili in the final result.
  • A parody of him, along with Sticky Soda and Rotting Toothpaste, appears on a 2017 Wacky Packages sticker. His parody is portrayed as an asparagus spear instead of a broccoli head, though he still has Shoccoli's sticking out buck tooth.
  • In the webseries, he is always referred to by his medical title, never just "Broc".







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