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Shelf Relay is an online video game on the Australian Cartoon Network website. It is based on the webseries.

In July 2017, the game was put on the official Grossery Gang website.


The game is played with the up arrow key and the down arrow key. Using the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to roll, the player takes control of Egghead, Pizza Face, Rocky, Doc Broc, and Sparkles in a relay race, dodging various food obstacles.

Hitting any obstacle ends the game, while finishing the course as a character automatically tags the next one to play as.


  • Welcome to the Yucky Mart - Finish one game
  • Victory Yodel! - Finish ten games
  • Some Encouragement! - Tag another character ten times
  • A New Highscore - Reach 250M
  • Relay Master - Reach 500M
  • Teamwork Ain't Gross! - Use all five characters in a single game
  • Not Afraid of Heights - Jump over twenty obstacles
  • Let's Get Rolling! - Roll under twenty obstacles
  • Such Agility! - Evade fifty obstacles


  • The background uses the catalog art of various Grosseries. This causes one of the Sticky Soda static artworks to appear in the background, even while Sparkles is racing.
  • The flies in the loading screen move away from the mouse when hovered over.


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