Series 3, taglined Putrid Power, is the third series of the franchise, which was released June 24, 2017. This series introduces Action Figures to the toyline, along with the Clean Team, an enemy team to the Grosseries.


Information for this series was debuted at the 2017 New York Toy Fair at the Moose Toys booth. Here, samples of upcoming Grosseries, along with the action figures and vehicles for the series, were shown.

The 2017 Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas gave out Single Packs of the characters.







  • The Grossery Gang vs. The Clean Team: Putrid Power is based around this series.
  • The Stinky Snacks category returns, after being absent in Series 2.
  • Coincidentally, Series 3 of The Trash Pack also had blue trash cans.
  • Each trash can has a peg on top for a Grossery to sit. It also allows for the cans to stack on top of each other.
  • This is the first season since Series 1 to have ultra rare Grosseries in their own category.
  • This is the first season to not have chocolate bars as 2-packs, soda cans as 4-packs, and chip bags as 10-packs. Instead they used cardboard packaging with trash cans instead of milk crates and the 2, 4, and 10 Grosseries has changed to 2, 5, and 12 Grosseries.




Series 1 / Series 2 / Series 3

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