Scummy Honey is a common Gooey Breakfasts Grossery from Series 2.




Scummy Honey is a bottle of gross honey, with honey oozing out from his cap and covering his bottle. His crossed eyes are looking at bees that are swarming and stinging him, and his tongue is sticking out. He has a crosspatch bandage, and is covered in various bee stings, with a worried, pained expression on his face, as if he had been stung by bees.


  • Scummy Honey is similar to Runny Honey, a Season 6 Shopkin.



Gooey Breakfasts
Series 2
Rancid Raisin Toast / Pukey Pancake Mix / Busted Eggs / Soggy Teabag / Muck Muffin / Horrible Hash Brown / Slop Tart / Weevil Cereal / Peanut Splutter / Scummy Honey

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