Scary Floss is a rare Untasty Treats Grossery from Series 2.




The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's the sticky fluff that will make you feel rough.

Likes: Carnivals

Dislikes: Rollercoasters

May Contain Traces Of: Food coloring, fur, and insect legs!

Rarity: Rare


Scary Floss is a cloud of rotten, fly infested cotton candy/fairy floss, with a stick on his head. He has lopsided, crossed eyes, and has strings of slime sticking to his worm-filled mouth.


  • Scary Floss is similar to Candi Cotton, a Season 1 Shopkin.
  • His name is a pun on fairy floss, which is an Australian slang term for cotton candy.
  • He and Sloppy Toffee Apple appear on the packaging of the Series 2 single packs. Here, he has a color scheme used by his other figure.
  • A special colored variant of him appears on the packaging of the Series 2 regular packs, where he is colored blue and pink, a color combination his figures don't come in.
  • In The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide, he is listed as a Sticky Sweets Grossery on the page listings, but keeps his standard listing on the Rotten Receipt in the back.




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