The Regular Pack is a four pack of Grosseries, which contains three visible Grosseries and one hidden one, which can sometimes be an ultra rare or very rarely, limited edition one. The soda container can also be used to hold up to thirty Grosseries.


  • The Series 1 version of the pack has the same name as an actual Grossery.
  • The design of the Series 2 version pack is a parody of Coca-Cola cans.
  • If three common Grosseries are visible, then the hidden Grossery is a rare.
  • If two common Grosseries and one rare Grossery are visible, then the hidden Grossery is an ultra rare.
  • Starting in Series 3, five packs were used instead, using a trash can instead of a milk crate.


Single Pack / Surprise Pack / Regular Pack / Large Pack / Super Size Pack / Mega Pack / Surprise Eggs / Surprise Ornaments

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