Rancid Raisin Toast is a common Gooey Breakfasts Grossery from Series 2.




Rancid Raisin Toast is a burnt piece of slime-covered raisin toast, with his top left corner burnt off. He has a shocked expression on his face, and he appears to be screaming in pain.


  • Rancid Raisin Toast resembles Toastie Bread, a Season 3 Shopkin.
  • Rancid Raisin Toast is the first listed Grossery of Series 2.
  • His catalog arts portrays him looking at his burnt corner, while his figure centers his eyes closer to the camera.
  • The Philippines website erroneously refers to him as Rancid Raisin Toasts.
  • His static art portrays him as a light tan color, a color his figures do not come in.
  • His static art and figure depict him with a completely black edge, referencing his burnt corner. However, his catalog art has a softer shade of black for his charred side.



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