Putrid Pizza is a common Gross Greasies Grossery from Series 1.



From the Gross Greasies Team, it's Putrid Pizza!

Youtube Video

Putrid Pizza, the Slice With Lice, the Big Cheese – this charismatic but putrid piece of pizza pie goes by many names, but only one seems to stick (to the floor, mostly): Pizza Face!

Pizza Face is the never-say-die leader of this ragtag crew, a congealed mastermind who loves nothing more than to find fun in the unlikeliest (and grossest) of places.

Action Figure

AKA: Pizza Face

Pizza Face is one slop with the lot. The never-say-die leader of The Grossery Gang is ready to lead his gross gang into greasy battle. With his pizza slicer weapon he'll serve it up to his opponents. Defeating the Clean Team will not be cheesy but Pizza Face is a supreme fighter! Get ready to fight dirty!


Putrid Pizza is a moldy veggie pizza slice with mushrooms, olives, and two pepper types on his body. His right eye is larger than his left eye and he has strings of cheese sticking to his mouth.

Collector Card

Putrid Pizza's collector card is Card 18 in the series. He is seen clawing at the ground, giving a large sneeze that has his toppings launching off of him as his eyes water up and snot flies out of his nose. He has the tagline of "One With The Snot!" on the bottom.

Card 54 is a sticker card with the same design.


  • Putrid Pizza shares his name with and bears a strong resemblance to Putrid Pizza, a Trashie from Series 1 of the Trash Pack. He also resembles Veronica Veggie Pizza, a Season 6 Shopkin.
  • Putrid Pizza is one of two Grosseries to be based on pizza, the other being Unfrozen Pizza.
  • In the Grossery Gang web series, he is given the name Pizza Face. He is voiced by Nicolas Roye.
  • He appears to be somewhat of a mascot to The Grossery Gang, appearing in promo art and commercials heavily.
  • He has an unconscious fear of heights.
  • His cheese and toppings are considered as his clothing. Without them, he is considered "naked".
  • His static art portrays his crust as slimy, which his figure and collector art lack.
  • He is shown sick in the Get Well Spewn arc. When he is sick, his eyes turn pink and his cheese and crust turn greenish. His mouth strings are also replaced by snot strings.







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