Putrid Pancakes is a common Half Baked Bakery Grossery from Series 1.


From the Half Baked Bakery, it's Putrid Pancakes!


Putrid Pancakes is a slimy stack of pancakes with melted butter and a strawberry on top of his head. He is drooling butter from his mouth, and he has maple syrup dripping down his body.

Collector Card

Putrid Pancake's collector card is Card 25 in the series. He is angrily glaring at the camera, with part of his stack leaping upwards, as syrup squirts out of him. He has the tagline of "Blowin' My Stack!" on the bottom.


  • Putrid Pancakes is similar to Puke Cakes, a Trashie from Series 5 of the Trash Pack; as well as the Season 2 Shopkin Pamela Pancake.




Half Baked Bakery
Series 1
Dodgey Donut / Tasteless Tart / Stale Muffin / Chunky Cheesecake / Rotten Apple Pie / Barf Bagel / Le Crusty Croissant / Putrid Pancakes / Awful Waffle

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