Ouch Couch is a common Junk Yard Grossery from Series 3.




Ouch Couch is a busted sofa lounge chair. He has various patches and stitches on him. His eyes are half lidded and his mouth is open, showing off buck teeth. Slime is on his mouth and the top of his headrest. There is a remote control stuck to one of his armrests.


  • Ouch Couch is similar to Poo Pew, a Trashie from Series 2 of Trash Pack. He also resembles Comfy Chair, a Season 4 Shopkin.
  • His blue variant was erroneously replaced with Barf Blender on the online catalog. This was fixed a few days later.



Junk Yard
Series 3
Hair Fryer / Rotten Rim / Ouch Couch / Barf Blender / Radio Wreck / Fungus Fridge

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