Nasty Nacho is a rare Stinky Snacks Grossery from Series 1.



From the Stinky Snacks team, it's the corny chip snack that comes in the crushed pack!


The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's the corny chip that comes in the crushed pack!

Likes: Hot chilies

Dislikes: Sour cream

May Contain Traces Of: Nastiness, cheese, and snotamole!

Rarity: Rare


Nasty Nacho is a dirty, mucky tortilla chip. They have bushy eyebrows over their half open eyes, and a bushy mustache over their thick, brown lips.

Collector Card

Nasty Nacho's collector card is Card 47 in the series. They are wearing a sombrero on their head, with a bandanna and bullet belt on their body. They are sneering at the camera, while holding a smoking pistol in each hand. They have the tagline of "Juan Tough Hombre!" on the bottom.

Card 112 is a Heat 'N' Reveal card with the same image.


  • Nasty Nacho is the only rare Stinky Snack Grossery in Series 1.
  • They share an ingredient list with Slop Corn due to an error on the Grossery Gang website.
  • They are the first nacho Grossery, followed by Gooey Nachos from Series 2.
  • The standard one is presumably male, as they have a mustache.
  • Their static art is yellow, a color their figure doesn't come in. However, the webseries uses it as a variant color.





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