Mushy Mushroom is an ultra rare Moldy Veg Grossery from Series 1.



From the Moldy Veg team, it's the fungus with extra fungus!


The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's the fungus with extra fungus!

Likes: Fungus

Dislikes: Anything that isn't fungus

May Contain Traces Of: Fungus, fungus, and fungus!

Rarity: Ultra rare


Mushy Mushroom is a moldy, spotted mushroom with muck on his cap. He also has half-open eyes and an overbite with three teeth showing.

Collector Card

Mushy Mushroom's collector card is Card 91 in the series. His card is a Touch 'N' Feel. He is wearing a leopard-print loin cloth and wielding a spear and swinging on a vine, while he angrily charges at the camera. He has the tagline of "Mushy Mushroom" on the bottom.

He also appears in the first puzzle with the same image.


  • Mushy Mushroom is similar to Mouldy Mushroom, a Trashie from Series 2 of the Trash Pack. He also resembles Milly Mushroom, a Shopkin from Season 4. He also resembles two other mushroom Shopkins as well, Miss Mushy-Moo from Season 1, and Button Mushroom from Season 6.
  • He is the only Moldy Veg character to not actually be a fruit nor a vegetable.
  • Despite appearing to be a once-edible mushroom, he also appears to be a toadstool mushroom, ones that are poisonous and inedible.
  • His static art gives him three teeth, while he only has two on his figure and catalog art.




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