Mushmellow Crispy is an ultra rare Untasty Treats Grossery from Series 2.




Mushmellow Crispy is a slimy, moldy marshmallow crispy treat. His mouth is formed by a crack in his coating. The top side of him, along with his mouth, is covered in slime and maggots.


  • Despite his static art, Mushmellow Crispy does not come in a yellow variant, though his color can change to it for one of his figures.
  • His static art and catalog art portrays his crumbs as random chunks, while they are more grain-like in the figure.



Untasty Treats
Series 2
Yuck Éclair / Ginger Dread Man / Sloppy Toffee Apple / Scary Floss / Car-Rot Cake / Slobstopper / Barf Brownie / Mushmellow Crispy

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