Mucus Milk is a rare Sour Dairy Grossery from Series 2.




Mucus Milk is a reusable, cracked bottle of overflowing curdled milk. He is leaking milk from his cap, with some of it spilling out of his open, jagged mouth as well.


  • Mucus Milk is similar to Flava Ava, a Season 1 Shopkin.
  • He also shares a similar concept with Sour Milk, a Grossery from Series 1.
  • He is one of two milk-based Grosseries from Series 2, the other being Maggot Milk.
    • Unlike Maggot Milk, Mucus Milk is a bottle of milk, while Maggot Milk is a carton of milk.
  • His static art portrays him as bulging, while his figure and catalog art give him a standard bottle shape.
  • Despite his artwork, he does not come in a white variant.



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