Muck Muffin is a common Gooey Breakfasts Grossery from Series 2.




Muck Muffin is a moldy, burnt breakfast muffin sandwich. He has some maggots and a splatter of slime on his top biscuit, while his bottom biscuit is cracked open, with a mouth that has maggots crawling around it. He has an egg, meat, and slices of cheese sandwiched between his biscuits.


  • Muck Muffin is similar to Barbie Breakfast Muffin, a Season 6 Shopkin.
  • His static art has an egg yolk on his egg, while he doesn't have this feature in his catalog art or figure form.
  • His static art tucks his eyes under his top cheese slice, while they cover it on his figure and catalog art.



Gooey Breakfasts
Series 2
Rancid Raisin Toast / Pukey Pancake Mix / Busted Eggs / Soggy Teabag / Muck Muffin / Horrible Hash Brown / Slop Tart / Weevil Cereal / Peanut Splutter / Scummy Honey

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