[Start at the tip of Mount Yuck, which is still trembling, while Pizza Face is still frozen in fear. Cut to Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc.]

Doc Broc: The mountain! It’s collapsing!

Sparkles: We’ve got way bigger problems, Doc! Look! (Points to Pizza Face.)

[Cut to Pizza Face. His toppings are melting off of him as he continues to shiver. His bottom crust is pixelated, as he tries to cover it with his hands.]

Sparkles: (Offscreen.) Pizza Face is naked!

[Cut back to Sparkles and Doc Broc.]

Doc Broc: Naked? From…fear?

Sparkles: Is that a thing? (Pan out to all three of them.) Pizza Face, we gotta get out of here! Snap out of it! (Squirts soda at Pizza Face.)

Doc Broc: Nothing. There’s only one way to save a close friend at a time like this.

Sparkles: Agreed.

[Cut to Sparkles and Doc Broc riding down Mount Yuck using Pizza Face like a sled. Both Sparkles and Doc Broc are cheering.]

Doc Broc: I wonder if this is as fun for Pizza Face?

Sparkles: Probably even more fun!

Doc Broc: Totally!

[Close up to Pizza Face, who is reacting in pain. Tomatoes, a fish can, bandages, lollipops, ice cubes, nacho cheese, an olive can, and mouse traps hit him on the way down. Cut to Rocky and Egghead at the base of the mountain. Egghead is looking through binoculars.]

Egghead: Yes! They’re alive!

Rocky: Lemme see! (Grabs binoculars from Egghead and looks through them.) Lucky Pizza Face! I wish I could go face-boarding!

Egghead: (Looking up.) Aah! They’re coming in fast!

Egghead and Rocky: RUN!

[The two of them slowly run away from the mountain, as Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc crash into them, sending them all flying in the air as they scream. Cut to an empty space, where Rocky and Pizza Face land on their feet, Egghead lands offscreen, Sparkles lands on her head and flips onto her feet, and Doc Broc lands in a splits position, shaking in pain. Pizza Face is topping-filled again, but also has hair, bandages, and mousetraps stuck to him. Egghead walks into frame.]

Sparkles: Phew! We made it! We’re alive!

[All five cheer and dance as Sparkles’ soda explodes from her like a firework. Cut to Sparkles and Doc Broc.]

Doc Broc and Sparkles: Greatest mountaineering trip ever!

Rocky: (Offscreen.) Righteous!

Doc Broc: Hey! Pizza Face, you’re back! Are you okay?

[Cut to Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: Coulda used a few less mousetraps, but that was still the greatest ride of my life!

[Pan out to all five.]

Pizza Face, Doc Broc, Sparkles, Rocky, and Egghead: Yeah!

Pizza Face: And I’ll say one thing about mountain climbing: it sure puts hair on your chest! (Pulls off one of the hairs stuck on him.) Ow!

[All five laugh.]

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