[Start with the group trekking back up the mountain, looking displeased.]

Pizza Face: (Narrating.) Day 437. We’re scaling the perilous Breakfast Burrito Bluff high on Mount Yuck. One false move and it’s over. But there’s no turning back. Everyone knows what happens when mountaineers get stranded…

[Fade to an imagination section. Pizza Face is inside a cave, holding onto Doc Broc and Sparkles. He takes a bite out of Doc Broc.]

Doc Broc: Hey, stop eating me!

Pizza Face: (Mouth full.) No! (Drinks from Sparkles and burps.)

[Cut to Doc Broc and Sparkles.]

Doc Broc: (Narrating.) Doctor’s log. Things are terrifying. We can’t tell our leader he’s unconsciously afraid of heights, or he’ll freak out and doom us!

[Cut to Pizza Face stopped in his tracks, Sparkles and Doc Broc meet up with him.]

Pizza Face: Why’s everyone so quiet? (Looks upwards.) Man, check that awesome view! (Cut to the top of the mountain.) I’ve never been up so h—(The mountain shifts upwards, cut to Pizza Face panicking as he screams, sending a small tumble of meat and beans down, then quickly whistling as if nothing went wrong.)

Sparkles: Pizza Face, stop doing that! You’ll cause a landslide!

Pizza Face: Stop doing what? And, how could I possibly cause a land—(Starts screaming and panicking as more ingredients fall downwards.)

Sparkles: ‘Cause you’re afraid of—(A tuna can hits her, interrupting her.) Ow!

[Various other trash hits her, as the landslide starts calms down.]

Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc: Phew!

Pizza Face: See? As if I could cause a lands—(Starts to yell and panic again.)

[Food starts to tumble down the hill again as the group screams. Cut to the top of the mountain, which collapses downwards. Cut back to the group as the rubble settles, they are now at the top of the mountain.]

Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc: We did it! (Dance in celebration.)

Doc Broc: We made it to the top! Or, the top made it to us. Whatever.

[Pizza Face looks onwards to the other two, still dancing.]

Pizza Face: (Narrating.) Victory! Made only sweeter by the perils we overcame! Sparkles almost lost her fizz, we nearly drowned in nacho cheese! But we made it, thanks to the steely courage and smoldering good looks of our great leader: me! (Starts talking standard, pulls out a flag that he sticks into the peak.) I hereby claim Mount Yuck in the name of all that is gross!

Doc Broc: (Laughing.) Boy, it’s a good thing we didn’t tell you you’re unconsciously afraid of heights, ‘cause then you would have freaked out and caused a disaster, probably killing us all!

Pizza Face: Sorry?

Doc Broc: I said, it’s a good thing we didn’t tell you you’re unconsciously afraid of heights! ‘Cause then you would have… (Notices Pizza Face frowning and looking down, chuckles nervously.) Forget it…

Pizza Face: Afraid of…h-h—(Starts to hyperventilate and screams, shaking the mountain.)

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