[Start with Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc being swept down Mount Yuck in the cheese avalanche, screaming. The avalanche ends at a pile of hot dogs, scattering Pizza Face and Doc Broc, while Sparkles is trapped between the hot dogs. Pizza Face pulls his cheese from the hot dogs and Doc Broc stands up.]

Doc Broc: Phew! So, let’s recap. We were trying to throw food at the slushie machine, but missed, and made a vast mountain of crud, which, we then decided to climb, because…

Pizza Face: Because it’s there!

Doc Broc: Then, we survived rotten cole slaw, sharp chips, and flypaper, but were washed away in an avalanche of nacho cheese. I think we can say…

Doc Broc and Pizza Face: Greatest day of our lives! (Start dancing, something dawns on Pizza Face.)

Pizza Face: Wait! Where’s Sparkles?

[Cut to Sparkles stuck in the hot dog pile, screaming out in a muffled voice. Doc Broc and Pizza Face leap towards her, pulling at her legs, but she doesn’t move.]

Pizza Face: I can’t budge her!

Doc Broc: I have an idea. Follow my lead. Hey, Sparkles! Your soda is flatter than a pancake at a steamroller derby! (Winks at Pizza Face.)

Sparkles: (Starts to scream louder and angrier.)

Pizza Face: (Laughing.) Yeah! Your get up and go got up and went!

Sparkles: (Screaming louder and angrier as fizz starts to escape from her.)

Doc Broc: (Laughing.) The water that drips out of the air conditioner has more fizz than you!

Sparkles: (Screaming out in even louder anger as her fizz spills out even further, shooting her upwards.)

Pizza Face: Lasso! Quick!

[Doc Broc grabs from a floss container, tossing a piece of food stuck on it in his mouth.]

Doc Broc: Mmm, tuna fish!

[Doc Broc throws the floss upwards, tying around the still-airborne Sparkles. Cut to Doc Broc and Pizza Face, who have the floss around them and are lifted up. The two of them are flying in midair.]

Pizza Face: Cool! Man, I’ve never been this high—(Looks downwards, starts to scream.)

Doc Broc: What was that?

Pizza Face: I said, this high! (Starts screaming again.)

Doc Broc: I have a bad feeling about this…

[Sparkles grabs onto the ledge of a cliff, as Doc Broc and Pizza Face land on it.]

Pizza Face: Thanks, Sparkles, we knew you had it in you!

Sparkles: So, you weren’t being jerks for no good reason?

Doc Broc: Nope! For a very good reason! We were trying to get a rise out of you! And it looks like the rise was…about a mile.

Pizza Face: And there’s the top! Whoa! In a few minutes, we’ll reach the sum—(Starts shaking and twitching.) In one day—

Sparkles: What’s up with Pizza Face?

Doc Broc: Hmm…I read about this in a science journal! Or…maybe a comic strip. Pizza Face is unconsciously afraid of heights!

Sparkles: Afraid of—

Doc Broc: Shh! Don’t tell him, or he’ll be come paralyzed with fear! As long as we don’t go too high too fast, we’ll be fine.

[Cut to Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: (Breathing in.) Ahh, smell that fresh mountain ai--ai! (Starts to tremble and scream out, tilting over as he starts to fall.)

[Cut back to all of the group.]

Doc Broc: Did I say we’ll be fine? (Pizza Face falls off the cliff, dragging the others down.) I mean, we’ll all be goners!

[Cut to Pizza Face in silent shock falling down, as the other two trail behind him, screaming. They land in a frozen food area on top of a licorice stick, as Pizza Face trembles.]

Doc Broc: At least we’re not too high up now.

[Cut to a frozen fish falling off of a cliff, landing on the other side of the stick and launching the group upwards. Cut to the group flying in the air, screaming.]

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