[Start with Pizza Face, Doc Broc, and Sparkles at the base of the mountain. They are all wearing backpacks.]

Pizza Face: Team, we’re gonna be the first explorers in history to climb all the way to the top of Mount Yuck! Are you ready?

Sparkles and Doc Broc: Yeah!

Pizza Face: And why are we climbing Mount Yuck?

Sparkles: Cool new kinds of frostbite?

Doc Broc: Color in our cheeks? (Points to himself.) Hopefully green?

Sparkles: To find Rocky?

Pizza Face: (Irritated.) No! (Gains composure.) Because it’s there! (Points upwards. Pan to a dirty celling fan. Cut back to the group, Pizza Face is still pointing.) Uh, I mean there.

[Cut to Mount Yuck’s peak. Cut back to the group.]

Pizza Face: Let’s do this! Yeah!

[The group runs towards Mount Yuck, climbing up it. Cut to the three of them trudging on the mountain, looking tired.]

Pizza Face: (Narrating.) Journal: day one. The hike is brutal. The team is showing fatigue. The glorious speech at base camp is but a distant memory now. These have been the most grueling five minutes of my life.

Sparkles: (Panting.) If we’re ever gonna make it to the top, we’ll need some encouragement!

Doc Broc: Yeah!

[Cut to Pizza Face, digging a packet of hot sauce out of the mountain.]

Pizza Face: Oh! Got some right here!

[Pizza Face squirts out the hot sauce. Cut to Sparkles and Doc Broc, who get the hot sauce splashed into their eyes, which grow pink and bloodshot. The two of them scream, racing up the mountain. Cut back to Pizza Face, still holding the hot sauce.]

Pizza Face: Wow. That worked! Oh! What about me? (Squirts sauce pack into his eyes, screaming. His eyes also grow pink and bloodshot, as he runs off.)

[Cut to a different section of Mount Yuck, made out of cole slaw and containers.]

Pizza Face: (Narrating.) Journal: day five. Every day has been a new challenge.

[The cole slaw is cut through, as the group walks through.]

Pizza Face: (Narrating.) We chopped our way across Crusty Cole Slaw Chasm.

[Cut to the group jumping on nacho chips above molten nacho cheese, reacting in pain.]

Pizza Face: (Narrating.) We ran across Corn Chip Bridge.

[Cut to a line of flypaper, where flies are stuck to, along with dangling skeletons. The group is using the flypaper as a bridge.]

Pizza Face: (Narrating.) Finally, we reached the great Dirty Tissue Divide!

Fly: Help me!

Pizza Face: Stay in the middle of the flypaper!

Doc Broc: It’s too sticky! I can’t make it!

Sparkles: Step on their heads! It’s the only way!

[Doc Broc steps on a fly’s head.]

Fly: Ow! Right in the compound eye!

Doc Broc: Sorry!

[Sparkles falls off the bridge, screaming.]

Pizza Face: Sparkles! Noooo!

Sparkles: (Offscreen.) I’m just right here. (Cut to her dangling upside down on the bridge, reaching a hand out.) Can ya help?

Pizza Face: Oh! Hey, sure. (Pulls Sparkles back up.)

[Cut to the group on the other side of the bridge, cheering.]

Pizza Face, Sparkles, and Doc Broc: We made it!

Pizza Face: There’s only one proper way to celebrate this, in the manner of the greatest Swiss mountaineers. With a victory yodel!

Pizza, Sparkles, and Doc Broc: Yodel-ay-hee-hoooo!

[The mountain starts to rumble as Sparkles and Doc Broc look up in concern.]

Pizza Face: (Sheepishly.) Oh! Excuse me!

Sparkles: No, Pizza! That wasn’t your lunch! Yodeling caused that! (Points offscreen.)

[Cut to a downpour of nacho cheese and chips.]

Sparkles, Doc Broc, and Pizza Face: Nacho cheese avalanche! (The group screams as the cheese engulfs them.)

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