[Start with a cockroach climbing on a half-eaten Twinkie on the ground of the Yucky Mart. Cut to a slimy air vent, where a cockroach is climbing on the side and a fly entrapped in a spider web is swinging back and forth. Cut to the shelves of the Yucky Mart, which pans to the coffee machine, where shadows of Pizza Face, Doc Broc, Rocky, and Egghead can be seen, along with a pile of garbage. Pizza Face is looking through a pair of binoculars. Cut to a close up of the four, where two napkin holders are set up in front of them. Cut to Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: Focus, team! (Cut to view from binoculars, looking at slushie machine.) We hit that slushie handle right there (Cut to Pizza Face, lowering his binoculars.) and we’ll have a very berry tsunami on our hands!

[Cut to the rest of the group.]

Rocky: Yeah! Hit me with that wave of flavor!

[Cut to Pizza Face.]

Pizza Face: Doc Broc, you ready to fire the next round?

[Cut to Gooey Chewie, stretched out between the napkins like a catapult. There is a half-eaten Twinkie between him, which Doc Broc is aiming with.]

Doc Broc: (Straining.) Twinkie…locked and loaded, sir!

Pizza Face: (Jumping up.) Let’s do this!

Pizza Face, Egghead, and Rocky: Yeah!

[Cut to Doc Broc, still straining.]

Doc Broc: (Moans.) Feel…my…wrath! Ha!

[Doc Broc lets go, catapulting Gooey Chewie and the Twinkie, which flops down. Cut to the four.]

Pizza Face: (Mockingly.) That’s your wrath?

Doc Broc: (Defensively, pointing at Pizza Face.) Well, let’s see you try it!

Pizza Face: Ha! “Pizza” cake! (Runs over to trash pile, grabbing an orange juice box, and then runs back to the group, laughing.) Get it? (Points to self.) “Pizza” cake? I kill me!

Doc Broc: (Dryly.) Just fire the juice box.

[Pizza Face loads the juice box into Gooey Chewie. Cut to the group as Pizza Face stretches out Gooey Chewie.]

Egghead, Rocky, and Doc Broc: (Chanting.) Juice box! Juice box! Juice box! Juice box! Juice box!

[Cut to Pizza Face pulling back, straining. Cut to a spill of juice on the counter, which Pizza Face slips in, tangling himself into Gooey Chewie.]

Pizza Face: Whoa!

[Pizza Face lands on the counter, as the juice box hits him, falling in the same direction the Twinkie did. Cut back to the group.]

Rocky: (Screaming in frustration.) I want that slushie storm!

[Runs to the trash pile and grabs a marshmallow, and then runs back to Gooey Chewie, launching a sausage, a bone, a soda can, a cherry, and a rat, in rapid desperation. Cut to various trash and food flinging through the air. Cut to a split screen of Pizza Face, Doc Broc, and Rocky desperately loading and throwing objects. Cut back to the air, where more food and garbage are flying through it. Cut to Doc Broc, Pizza Face, and Rocky.]

Doc Broc, Pizza Face, and Rocky: (Leaping up in excitement.) Yes! (All three are victory dancing now, saying random cheers and excitements, dancing.)

Doc Broc: (Faltering, noticing something.) Uh…guys? (Points in the direction of the slushie machine.)

Pizza Face and Rocky: (Slowly stopping dancing, looking in the direction.) Uh…yeah?

[Cut to a large mountain of trash near the counter, the slushie machine is untouched.]

Pizza Face: Not one thing hit the slushie machine!

Rocky: (Pointing.) Aw, sure it did!

[Cut to the other side of the trash mountain, Pizza Face, Rocky, and Doc Broc look around from it. Cut to the slushie machine, Egghead is splattered onto the front of it.]

Rocky: I don’t remember slingshotting Egghead…

Egghead: (Straining.) I was the one yelling “No! Stop! Don’t!”!

[Cut back to Rocky.]

Rocky: (Laughs.) Oh yeah, I remember!

[Cut to Egghead, sliding off of the slushie machine, moaning. Cut to Rocky, Pizza Face, and Doc Broc.]

Pizza Face: Well, team, there’s only one thing to do when life gives you a mountain of crud…go mountain climbing!

[Rocky, Pizza Face, and Doc Broc run towards the edge of the counter, jumping off of it.]

Rocky, Pizza Face, and Doc Broc: Yeah!

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