[Start with Fingers brushing Ricardo’s teeth. Ricardo is wearing his bathrobe again. He pushes Fingers away and gargles, spitting into a cup nearby.]

Ricardo: Ah, time for this squishy banana to get his beauty sleep! But first, I must make sure my many millions are safe and snug.

[Ricardo walks up to a cymbal-banging monkey toy, whose head and backpack are stuffed with more tickets. A control panel is next to it.]

Ricardo: Buying up all the Blotto tickets prove I have a brilliant banana business brain! One of them is sure to be another big winner! But I shall save that pleasure for tomorrow. (Pushes buttons on the control panel.) Now, to activate the alarm.

[Laser beams surround the monkey toy.]

Ricardo: And then off to beddy-bye I go!

[Cut to Fingers typing on the cash register, opening it. Dirty Money is inside it, with a dollar covering him like a blanket. Ricardo jumps in, now wearing his Speedo, and uses Dirty Money like a mattress. He puts a scabby bandage over his eyes like a sleep mask, yawning.]

Ricardo: It is good to be wealthy!

[Fingers tucks Ricardo in with the dollar bill, as Ricardo starts to snore. Fingers turns off a light switch, plunging the Yucky Mart into darkness. Fingers yawns, curling himself up near the security system, as he falls asleep. Cut to Meathead and Surge, both wearing black ski masks, as they stand on a shelf.]

Meathead: Sweet dreams, banana mush! When you wake up, all those sweet Blotto tickets will be mine!

Surge: Hey, hey! You mean ours, right?

Meathead: Uh, sure! That’s what I meant!

[Surge grabs under the shelf, grabbing two pieces of chewed gum. He gives one to Meathead, and they both stick them in their mouths and chew on them.]

Surge: Mmm, I got moldy cherry!

Meathead: Mmm, oh, dusty mint and roach droppings!

[Surge and Meathead pull the gum out of their mouths and set it on the shelf, tying a section onto their waists. Surge sets himself at the end of the shelf.]

Surge: Are you s-s-sure this is safe?

Meathead: Nope!

[The two of them jump and swing down, as Surge screams.]

Meathead: Quiet!

[Cut to the monkey. Surge drops in above it, grunting. Meathead swings in, knocking into Surge. The two of them start to chew on their gum strings. Meathead’s breaks first, as he falls down, landing right next to Fingers, which wakes him up. Fingers starts snarling at Meathead, who nervously looks around, and then grabs a piece of cheese from his filling.]

Meathead: (Whispering.) Shh, here boy! Go get it! Chew on this!

[Meathead throws the cheese, which Fingers follows after. Meathead gives a thumbs-up to Surge. Cut back to Surge, still chewing on his gum string. He chews through it, falling and slicing through one of the lasers, landing in the backpack. Sirens start to blare as the money toy turns on, banging its cymbals and clacking its teeth. Meathead jumps into the backpack.]

Meathead: Time for Plan B!

Surge: W-what’s Plan B?

Meathead: (Grabbing the monkey head.) Take the tickets! And run!

[Cut to Ricardo, who throws off his bandage sleep mask and jumps up.]

Ricardo: Halt, you ticket thieves, or face my tropical banana fury!

[Cut to Meathead and Surge. Surge scrambles to collect tickets from the backpack as Meathead slowly inches away. Cut back to Ricardo, pulling out a potato gun.]

Ricardo: Eat hot potato! With no butter or sour cream!

[Ricardo starts shooting the potato gun. Cut to Surge and Meathead holding the tickets and running off, getting hit by the potato bullets and scattering tickets.]

Surge: Ow! Ow! I’m m-more of an onion ring guy!

[Surge and Meathead run off, with Ricardo and Fingers following.]

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