[Start with a pan of fishstick-embedded mountains.]

Surge: (Narrating.) See the frosty slopes of frozen TV dinners!

[Cut to three nondescript Grosseries deep-fried under a heatlamp.]

Surge: (Narrating.) Soak up the sun under a b-blazing tropical heatlamp!

[Cut to a collection of slime-covered jewelry and jewelry stands.]

Surge: (Narrating.) Gaze upon the most g-g-glittery jewelry in the entire Yucky Mart!

[Cut to Fingers wearing a construction hat, placing a roll of toilet paper on a large gated toilet paper-made mansion.]

Surge: (Narrating.) But that’s nothing compared to the squishy towers of c-colossal condo of double-ply toilet paper!

[Cut to a stampede of Cockroaches, which Fingers is riding on, wearing a cowboy hat and wielding a floss lasso.]

Surge: (Narrating.) Or the Double Squish Ranch and its herd of thoroughbred r-r-r-race roaches!

[Cut to Surge by the ticket scanner, holding a microphone and talking to the camera.]

Surge: W-welcome to “Lifestyles of the Rich & D-Disgusting”! I’m your host, Surge! All these wonders are owned by the world’s richest banana: Ricardo!

[Cut to a portrait of Ricardo, standing on a mountaintop, wearing a cape and crown while holding a scepter. Cut back to Surge, still talking to the camera.]

Surge: His p-p-peel to riches tale is the stuff of legends!

[Surge sparks, sending out a large jolt up in the air. Cut to Rocky and Pizza Face pulling a carriage made out of a popcorn container into the hot buffet.]

Surge: (Offscreen.) Join me now for a peek at R-R-Ricardo’s high price trend-setting lifestyle!

[Ricardo exists the carriage, stepping on Rocky. He is wearing a navy bathrobe. Surge is also in the carriage. Cut to Ricardo taking off his bathrobe, revealing a red Speedo underneath. Surge walks up to him, holding his microphone. The two of them sit in one of the hot buffet bowls.]

Ricardo: Ahh, muy picante. (To the camera.) Let the interview begin!

[Rocky walks up to Ricardo, fanning him with a lettuce leaf.]

Surge: Ricardo, you live a life of g-glitzy gluttony! What more could an overripe tropical fruit ask for?

[Fingers walks in, holding a tray with cocktail drinks, which Ricardo and Surge each take.]

Ricardo: Excellent question, my television companion, but definitely not my real life friend! What more could I ask for? (Record scratch.) Ey! How about my pedicure over here?

[Ricardo sticks his foot in the air, as Meathead runs in.]

Meathead: Right away, boss! Gotta keep those ritz rich tootsies trimmed!

[Meathead starts to chew on Ricardo’s foot. Cut to the outside of Ricardo’s mansion. Stinky is sitting outside the wall of the fence.]

Ricardo: I have many rich banana things to do, but still I stay in touch with the little people. Like, this ever-ripening fellow. Phew!

Stinky: (Jumping up, angry.) Don’t give me that hoity-toity fancy talk! (Grabs onto a microphone.) I was rich before your bunch even fell out of the tree!

[Dissolve to older times, which is in black and white. Stinky is much younger, wearing a bowtie and gloves, along with no glasses. His eyes, along with the eyes of everyone else, have pie-shaped pupils. Lady Cheese is with him. Stinky is playing a tune on the push-button cash register, while Lady Cheese dances.]

Stinky: (Narrating.) I had it all!

[Cut to Lady Cheese and Stinky snuggling in a chocolate coin vending machine.]

Stinky: (Narrating.) Friends, music, and all the stale chocolate coins you could eat!

[Lady Cheese takes a bite of the chocolate coin, spitting it out in disgust. Cut to Meathead’s Ancestor sneaking up on the outside of the coin machine.]

Stinky: (Narrating.) But I lost it all!

[Meathead’s Ancestor turns the crank of the coin machine, sending the coins downwards, along with Lady Cheese.]

Stinky: (Narrating.) Betrayed by my best pal…and my best gal…

[Chocolate coins fall onto the ground, as Lady Cheese lands on the ground, dancing with Meathead’s Ancestor. Dissolve back to the present. Ricardo is waving his hand by his face in disgust.]

Stinky: What I’m saying is: don’t trust nobody!

Ricardo: (Flips a coin to Stinky.) Excellent advice. Everybody out!

[Ricardo runs into his mansion property, shutting the gate behind him. Rocky, Meathead, and Pizza Face are thrown over the wall screaming, as Surge runs to dodge them. Cut to Ricardo and Fingers.]

Ricardo: Too bad, so sad! (Closes the door.) Come back when you’re rich like me!

[Cut to outside the property.]

Stinky: I’m not sure that’s the moral of my story. Or is it?

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