[Start with Rocky on a shelf stroking at a can of soda. Pizza Face angrily approaches him and grabs the can out of his hands.]

Pizza Face: Hands off, Rocky! I called dibs on the last soda!

Rocky: (Grabs soda back.) Yeah, after I saw it first!

[Zoom in on the soda, which is starting to pulse. Zoom back out to Pizza Face and Rocky.]

Pizza Face: (Grabs soda back.) Yeah? Well it’s got my name all over it!

Rocky: Last time I checked, your name wasn’t Scuzzy Cola!

[Rocky grabs at the soda again, as the two tug it back and forth while it continues to pulse.]

Pizza Face: Give it!

Rocky: You give it!

Pizza Face: It’s mine!

Rocky: No, mine!

Pizza Face: Let go! (Pulls the soda out of Rocky’s hands.)

Rocky: No way!

[The soda rockets out of Pizza Face’s hands.]

Pizza Face: Uh-oh…

[Cut to Ricardo, standing near the scanners. The soda can lands over his head.]

Ricardo: (Voice muffled.) Hey, who turned out the lights? I am mucho afraid of the dark!

[Meathead walks up to Ricardo. He knocks on the can.]

Meathead: Hey, Ricardo! How’s the new job?

Ricardo: It’s a living, my footlong friend.

[Rocky and Pizza Face angrily walk up to Ricardo. Rocky pulls the can off of Ricardo’s head.]

Pizza Face: How d’ya like that, Ricardo hogged all the soda!

Rocky: (Crushing soda can on his head and throwing it away.) Quit slacking, Ricardo! I’m paying you to do odd jobs!

Pizza Face: The odder the better.

Rocky: Not to stand around blabbing with riff-raff! (Points at Meathead.) Now get to work!

[Cut to Rocky messily eating a bag of chips, scattering the contents. Pan down to the floor, where chips are scattered. Pizza Face is holding Ricardo like a vacuum cleaner, while he sucks up things.]

Ricardo: Va-room!

[Cut to Pizza Face pushing Ricardo towards a bug zapper.]

Pizza Face: Ricardo, stick your tongue on that fly zapper!

Ricardo: Thank you, but no, I’m on a strict no-insect diet.

Rocky: (Popping up next to the two.) Do it or you’re fired!

Ricardo: (Dryly.) Very well. Since you asked me so nicely.

[Ricardo sticks his tongue on the zapper, shocking himself as he writhes in pain, while Pizza Face and Rocky silently laugh. After he lets off of the zapper, Ricardo shakes and blinks his eyes separately as he twitches.]

Rocky: (Laughing.) Did I “fired”? I meant fried!

[Cut to the bathroom. Meathead, Rocky, and Pizza Face are on the rim of the toilet lid. Rocky is holding Ricardo by the legs and dangling him into the bowl.]

Rocky: I dropped a tooth in there. Find it for me!

[Cut to Ricardo. A ticket is stuck inside the bowl next to him.]

Ricardo: (Sighing.) As you wish, boss. Blech! (Looks at ticket.) Hey, what is this? A Blotto ticket? (Grabs the ticket.) Perhaps my luck is about to change!

[Cut to Pizza Face and Rocky.]

Rocky and Pizza Face: Huh? Blotto ticket?!

[Rocky drops Ricardo. Cut to Ricardo sitting dazed in the toilet bowl. Rocky and Pizza Face jump in, pile-driving each other.]

Pizza Face: Mine!

Rocky: No, mine!

Pizza Face: Gimme it!

Rocky: You give it!

[Ricardo climbs out of the toilet bowl. Cut to outside of the bowl, where Ricardo is by the flush plunger.]

Ricardo: Actually, the ticket is mine! (Rocky and Pizza Face pop up.) You see, the finder is the keeper, and the losers are the weepers! Who get fired and flushed!

[Ricardo pulls the flush plunger, flushing Rocky and Pizza Face down the toilet as the two of them scream.]

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