Leaky Car Battery is a special edition Glowin' Gadgets Grossery from Series 2.




Leaky Car Battery is a dripping car battery. He has battery acid leaking out from his top and has a jagged, toothy smile, which is also bubbling with acid. His eyes are spiraled and crossed, as if he is suffering from an electric shock.


  • Leaky Car Battery is one of two battery-based Grosseries from Series 2, the other being Flat Battery.
  • His static art gives him a missing tooth, which his figure lacks. He does appear to have a gap printed for a missing tooth in his catalog art, however.



Glowin' Gadgets
Series 2
Shocking Light Bulb / Flat Battery / Sucky Speakers / Leaky Car Battery / MP Flea Player / Goo S.B. Stick / Filthy Fan / Smell Phone / Junk Jumper Lead / Trashed Tablet / Lame Laptop / Trashlight

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