The Large Pack is a pack that contains ten Grosseries and two milk crates, and are the only packs to contain special edition Grosseries.


  • The Series 1 packs contains the Sticky Sweets, while the Series 2 packs contains the Glowin' Gadgets, and Series 3 containing the Vile Vermin.
  • The design of the Series 1 version packs are parodies of the chip brands Doritos and Munchos, while the Series 2 packs are modeled after sour cream and onion flavored potato chip bags.
  • Some Series 1 packs were previously branded as "Crunchos" in early Toy Fair videos, and were erroneously labeled as 12 packs, which was later used for Series 3. These versions also used the prototype design of Stinky Cheese, including the irises that were eventually removed for the franchise.
  • In each blind bag, there is an ultra rare and at least one special edition Grossery, some times two special edition Grosseries, one visible and one hidden. However, one of these has the chance of being replaced by a limited edition.
  • In Series 1, a smaller version of this pack exists as well.
  • Starting with Series 3, they now contain twelve Grosseries.
  • The Series 1 packages were originally set to have Shoccoli instead of Rot Hot Chili, as seen on the prototype cartoon.
  • On the back of the Series 1 pack it says "Best before 1985", a reference to when Moose Toys was founded.


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