Gutter Butter is a common Sour Dairy Grossery from Series 2.




Gutter Butter is a moldy, dirty stick of butter. A chunk of him is sliced off on his left side, while the top of him is sliced into wisps, with a knife stuck into it. His eyes cross outwards and his mouth is puckered up.


  • Gutter Butter is similar to Buttercup, a Limited Edition from Season 1 of Shopkins.
  • His figure and catalog art entirely lack the slime that his static art has.



Sour Dairy
Series 1
Yuck Yogurt / Stinky Cheese / Sour Milk / Rotten Egg
Series 2
Cruddy Cream / Mucus Milk / Gutter Butter / Snot Whipped Cream / Pongy Parmesan / Maggot Milk / Blue Spew Cheese

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