Grubby Gravy is an ultra rare Awful Sauces Grossery from Series 2.




Grubby Gravy is a slimy, rusty gravy boat. He is filled to the top of the boat lip with maggot infested gravy, with slime dripping down his top. He has half-open, inward crossed eyes, while his mouth is in an open grin, with his tongue sticking out.


  • Despite his static art, Grubby Gravy does not come in a silver variant.



Awful Sauces
Series 1
Bad Soy / Burnt BBQ Sauce / Terrible Tomato Sauce / Disgusting Mustard / Sickly Salsa Sauce / Snot N Pepper / Chunky Chili Sauce
Series 2
Grot Pepper Sauce / Awful Oyster Sauce / Tasteless Tobasco Sauce / Vile Vinegar / Grubby Gravy / Crusty Cooking Oil / Drooly Dressing

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