Grot Pepper Sauce is a common Awful Sauces Grossery from Series 2.




Grot Pepper Sauce is a leaky, snotty bottle of pepper sauce. He has closed eyes and he has snotty pepper sauce spewing out of his puckered lips, as if he is sneezing from inhaling black pepper. There are various cracks on his bottle as well.




Awful Sauces
Series 1
Bad Soy / Burnt BBQ Sauce / Terrible Tomato Sauce / Disgusting Mustard / Sickly Salsa Sauce / Snot N Pepper / Chunky Chili Sauce
Series 2
Grot Pepper Sauce / Awful Oyster Sauce / Tasteless Tobasco Sauce / Vile Vinegar / Grubby Gravy / Crusty Cooking Oil / Drooly Dressing

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