[Start with the outside of the Yucky Mart. It has Christmas lights strung on the top of the roof, with a wreath on the door, and snowman, reindeer head, and “HO HO HO” stickers on the windows. The sound of an opening door’s bell ring is heard. Cut to the inside of the Yucky Mart. More stickers are on the freezer windows, along with a lopsided decorated Christmas tree in a pot. Pizza Face is standing near it, with a booger on his finger that he’s staring at. Zoom in on Pizza Face, and then zoom in on the booger, which has stink lines coming off of it. Cut back to Pizza Face about to stick the booger in his mouth. Egghead walks behind him, holding a gift that he puts under the Christmas tree, and then leaves. Pizza Face notices this and stops inching the booger near his mouth.]

Pizza Face: Uh-oh! Not long to go ‘till Christmas! What am I gonna get the guys? I know! The internet will have the answer!

[Cut to Pizza Face sitting in a room with a plugged-in laptop on the desk. He types into the computer. Cut to the view of the laptop, with the “PukieHurlC” channel, a parody of CookieSwirlC’s channel. Her official logo is in the corner, with a green version of her cookie mascot.]

CookieSwirlC: (Voiceover.) PukieHurlC! (Chomp noise, giggles.)

PukieHurlC Logo: (Vomit noise, as crumbs spew out of its mouth.)

[Video cuts to a collection of slimy collectible figures that pans around, with the label “Slopkins” above it.]

CookieSwirlC: (Voiceover.) Stay tuned, ‘cause soon we’re gonna be unboxing everyone’s favorite toys! (Voice pitched up.) Slopkins! Once you slop, you can’t stop!

[Video feed cut to DisneyCarToys’ channel, with their logo in the corner. Animated versions of Sandra and Spidey are onscreen, along with various patches of multicolored hair everywhere.]

Sandra: Hey, it’s Sandra! (Pulls out a moldy doll.) Check out these toys, they’ve grown soooo much mold! It’s beautiful! Such a vivid green! It’s perfect!

Spidey: (Pulling up a maggot toy.) And, it comes with this awesome maggot pet accessory! Amazing!

[Cut to Pizza Face watching the video. Video feed cut to PSToyReviews’ channel, with their logo in the corner. A bowl of slop is on a table, which the Queso Grossery jumps out of during the review and walks around.]

Shannon: (Voiceover.) Hey, guys, it’s Shannon!

Paul: (Voiceover.) And Paul!

Shannon: (Voiceover.) And today we have some truly gross stuff to show you!

Paul: (Voiceover.) It’s fully sick! And we mean that! Literally.

[Video feed cut to Chad Alan’s channel, with his logo in the corner. A screenshot of his logo’s face is on the video feed.]

Chad: (Voiceover.) Hey, guys! Welcome back to my channel! (Cuts to Chad’s hands holding a Crusty Chocolate Bar pack.) Today we’re going to be unboxing The Grossery Gang! (Package is ripped, as a Putrid Pizza figure is pulled out of it and Chad squishes it.) Aww, man! Putrid Pizza? I have him already! And he’s not even that gross!

[Cut back to Pizza Face, still watching the video.]

Pizza Face: Weird. Hmm, these are great, but just not gross enough! I’m thinking of something epicly disgusting! Something really revolting! Something super spew-tastic! (Shuts laptop.) This calls for a montage.

[Cut to Pizza Face pulling on a pair of gloves. He hammers a piece of wood. Cut to him putting on a welding mask and grabbing a torch. Cut to him welding at a large metal triangle with a single eye and pipes coming out of it as the lights flicker. Cut to the Yucky Mart, with an overlay that says “Christmas Day”. The remainder four Grosseries are there with Pizza Face, with more presents under the tree, as Pizza Face is near a cloth-covered item.]

Pizza Face: Behold!

[Pizza Face pulls down the cloth, revealing a paint-splattered wooden tree-like device with a sausage on top of it, and a marshmallow and burnt-out lightbulb dangling from it with string. Crickets are chirping in the background. Cut to Doc Broc, Rocky, Sparkles, and Egghead, looking uncertain and making noises of concern. Cut to Pizza Face, who droops down in disappointment. Cut back to the other four, still looking a bit uncertain. Cut back to Pizza Face, as Rocky approaches him.]

Rocky: Aww, thanks, man! We love it!

[Pull back to show all five, the wooden figure has fallen over.]

Sparkles: Yeah!

Doc Broc: Amazing!

Sparkles: So good!

Egghead: It’s the thought that counts!

[Cut to outside of the Yucky Mart, it is now snowing and has covered most of the ground. The words “Scrappy Christmas!” are on the screen.]

All Five: (Offscreen.) Scrappy Christmas from The Grossery Gang!

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